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About Us

The purpose of the Spotsylvania County Democratic Committee's is to elect Democratic candidates to public office. We endorse the principles of the Democratic Party of Virginia and the principles of the charter of the National Democratic Party.

We Support

  • Historical Preservation
  • We support the preservation and promotion of our vast historical heritage. We also support the allocation of sufficient resources to promote our historical sites to attract greater tourism.
  • Growth
  • We support responsible managed growth and affordable housing. We support efforts to maintain the attractive rural aspects of our county.
  • Education
  • We support quality public education. We endorse the recruitment and retention of well qualified administrators and teachers in order to prepare our students for the difficult challenges of the twenty-first century.
  • Economic Development
  • We support the expansion of our tax base by : (1) Bringing more high paying jobs to Spotsylvania County and (2) recruiting large companies in the industrial, commercial, and technology sectors. We encourage the development and expansion of our local small businesses. We support local jobs for local people.
  • Parks and Recreation
  • We support the expansion of parks and recreation programs and facilities throughout the county.
  • Transportation
  • We support the reduction of road and highway gridlock. We support efforts to secure additional state funding for local transportation needs.
  • Public Safety
  • We support viable law enforcement and fire and rescue services in order to keep our citizens and property safe and secure.
  • Health Care
  • We support affordable health care for all.