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Democratic Committee

Chair - Bob Martin


Bob ensures that the Committee adheres to and implements the policies and platform contained in the national and state Democratic Party Platforms. He establishes permanent and ad hoc committees and appoints the Chairperson thereof. He provides guidance and oversight for all SCDC Subcommittees. He prepares the agenda and presides at all regular and Executive Committee meetings. He delegate's authority to permit the Committee to function without undue interruption or delay. He has the sole authority to release information in the name of the committee, press releases, web page, press conferences, etc. and serves as the point of contact for the Press, the Democratic Party of Virginia, candidates and their campaign staff and other committees and outside organizations. He administers and executes all rules adopted by the Committee. He serves as ex officio member of all internal committees. As designated by the Democratic Party of Virginia he serves as the Chair of or appoints the Chair of Nominating Committee(s) for nominating the Democratic Candidates for State Senate and House Districts which include all or parts of Spotsylvania County. He appoints a Web Master and Social Media administrator.

Executive Committee (ExCom)

Executive Committee

Executive Committee (ExCom) The ExCom meets as needed as determined by the Chair, except a special meeting may be called at the request of at least three members of the Executive Committee. The ExCom exercises general supervision of the affairs of the Committee between regular business meetings. The ExCom advises the Chair. With the Chair the ExCom develops the annual calendar, strategic plans and Annual Action Plans for the Committee. With the Chair, develops recommendations for candidate endorsements by the general membership. Manages and conducts SCDC Candidate forums for candidates seeing the Democratic Nomination for Congressional District or other offices.

Vice Chair - Trina Campbell



In the absence of the Chair, Trina performs all the duties of the Chair. She performs those duties of the Chair designated by the Chair. She serves as the liaison between the Chair and SCDC Internal Committee Chairs. She also serves as the liaison between the Chair and the SCDC general membership. Trina prepares training materials, operating procedures, caucus materials and other written documentation as directed by the Chair. She serves as an ex-officio member of all committees and serves as a member of the Executive Committee.

Secretary -


Trina takes minutes of the General and Executive Committee meetings and provides a draft to the Chair/Vice-Chair for review prior to distribution so that minutes may be finalized and distributed to the membership a minimum of one week before the next meeting. She provides minutes for distribution to the Communications Chair one week before the next meeting. She keeps a record of member attendance at meetings and records information on visitors and provides a copy to the Membership and Party Building Chair. Trina maintains a list of members including contact information and voting precinct:

When unable to attend a meeting, she recruits a volunteer to take the roll, record visitor information and draft the minutes. She participates and is a member of the SCDC Executive Committee (ExCom).

Treasurer - Patrick Carl


Patrick records the receipts and expenditures of the Committee. He presents a monthly financial report of expenditures and funds received. Patrick maintains accounts and disbursed funds as authorized by the Chair. He develops an annual budget and presents it first to the Executive Committee and then to the membership for review no later than the month of February. He is the primary contact with banks and other financial institutions. Patrick prepares and files Federal Election Commission and other required external financial reports. He is the primary contact with the Postal Service and maintains the Post Office box key. When prospective members file for membership, Patrick informs the Chair so that “Voting for New Members” can be added to the agenda. He provides copies of the Candidacy for Membership forms to the Chair, Secretary and Membership and Party Building Chair. He serves as an ex-officio member of the Fundraising Committee. Patrick participates as a member of the SCDC Executive Committee (ExCom)

Membership and Party Building - Jane Huffman

 - Membership and Party Building

Contacts targeted Spotsylvania voters to introduce them to the SCDC and invites them to join. Contacts first time visitors who are registered to vote in Spotsylvania County. She plans, manages and executes the annual SCDC picnic and other events to promote growing and maintaining membership. She maintains the SCDC Handbook and Brochure.

Precinct Operations - Opal Stroup

Opal - Precinct Operations

Opal manages Precinct Operations for the Spotsylvania Democratic Committee. She provides an After Action Report to the Committee following the Election. She works with the ExCom to develop sample ballots. She recruits Precinct Captains and Poll Managers for each Spotsylvania precinct. She creates and maintains a Precinct Operations Calendar of Events. Opal maintains a Master Schedule of Poll Workers for those Precincts with no Captain or Poll Manager. She keeps a record of Precinct Captains and Volunteers (including contact information and precinct and feedback on participation). She develops Precinct Operations Resources and Training materials. Opal conducts Precinct Captain and Poll Worker training. Opal provides resources for Precinct Captains such as:

She is liaison to the Democratic Candidate Campaign Field Operations.

Communciations Committee -


The Communications Commmittee Chair recruits members of the Communications Committee and coordinates their support. The Communications Committee Chair ensures that meeting and event notices are submitted to local media, e.g., the Free Lance Star. The Communications Committee Chair distributes minutes to members and meeting notices to members and friends one week prior to SCDC meetings. The Communications Committee Chair prepares press releases, as approved by the Committee Chair. The Communications Committee Chair is the SCDC Web Page manager and administrator for social media. The Communications Committee Chair articulates the Democratic vision by:

The Communications Committee Chair provides quarterly status reports to the ExCom to include the number of mailings sent and other activities.

Web Master -


XX is Web Master for the Committee.  He maintains the web pages, tests and uploads changes to the web site. During his tenure rapid changes have occurred in web technology, standards and techniques.

Fund Raising - Trina Campbell

Trina Campbell - Fund Raising

Trina plans, organizes and executes fundraising activities to raise funds for SCDC operating expenses. She Identifies and recruits potential sponsors of fundraising events for the benefit of the committee and/or candidates and provides quarterly status reports to the ExCom and the SCDC.

Outreach Committee -


The Outreach Committee Chair recruits members of the Outreach Committee and coordinates their support. Dick identifies target communities of interest who might be recruited for SCDC membership and/or support Democratic Candidates to the ExCom and contacts the organizations or individuals. He identifies ethnic or community events where recruitment might be beneficial and coordinates the appropriate level of participation ranging from passing out brochures to sponsoring a table. He identifies individuals to the Membership and Party Building Committee Chair so that an invitation to membership can be sent. He reviews letters to the Editor in the Free Lance Star to identify potential members. He requests voter information from the Precinct Operations Committee and makes calls to the writers to invite them to a meeting. He sends letters to organizations such as the NAACP, Unions, etc. inviting them to participate in Caucuses and Conventions and to join the Committee. He participates in the Stars and Stripes and similar events by managing an activity and staffing the booth. He provides quarterly status reports to the ExCom.

Candidate Recruitment and Development - Al Durante

Al Durante - Chair - Candidate Recruitment and Development

The Chair of Candidates Recruitment and Development identifies and recruits potential Democratic candidates for local office (Board of Supervisors) and Constitutional Offices. Al provides information to candidates for U.S. Senate and Congressional District Offices and State House and Senate Offices and directs them to the appropriate nominating committee or Congressional District Committee. He provides information to potential candidates for obtaining online State Board of Election Candidate Materials.

DPVA Central Committee Members

By Laws Committee - Chair



Communications Team - Chair

Fund Raising Committee - Chair Trina Campbell

Phone: 540-641-8141


Membership and Party Building Chair - Jane Huffman

Phone: 540-809-1205


Outreach Committee - Chair



Precinct Operations - Chair Opal Stroup

Phone: 540-785-8960


Voter Registration Team -

Team Leader - Judy Lawrence

Phone: 540-786-2415